Information Technology

We’ve been involved in a wide variety of IT projects for our clients.


One of our key strengths is the ability to integrate systems to gain greater automated functionality and less manual intervention in systems.

We have also released our integration tool – APICAL specifically designed to link cloud based systems together.

Project Management

We have managed many client projects, big and small.

Report Writing

This is another area where we can use existing investment in systems to extract greater return on that investment for clients.

Training and Implementation Completion

We understand software – we have the ability to pass the knowledge on to the client in order to build the knowledge within the client’s company.

System Risk Assessment

Legacy systems often exposure a business to risk, especially where the support resides with one person. Such systems put businesses at the risk of having their mission critical systems fail without warning. We can review such situations and provide recommendations to resolve such issues.

Software Development Coordination

We are able to act as the coordinator for clients in managing the relationship between them and their software vendor for their mission critical system.


We scope, evaluate, select and develop e-commerce solutions for clients.