Quotes System for Import / Export Companies

Import / Export companies produce many quotes for their customers in order to secure business. Often these quotes are prepared using word processing or spreadsheet software. With these tools used in the preparation of quotes there are a number of inherent challenges:

  • The quote format may be inconsistent between various staff members.
  • The items quoted may not be complete (potential for lost revenue)
  • The quotes may be stored on individual staff work stations and thus not visible to management.
  • The lack of visibility makes it difficult to know the status of quotes and what follow up has occured.
  • Data integrity is always a concern when files are held on workstations.

We’ve developed a quoting system using an ‘off-the-shelf’ package that is able to be customised to the needs of individual companies.

  • We use a Cloud based model, so the system is available wherever the user has an interent connection.
  • Data is encrypted, secure and backed up in accordance with quality Cloud solutions.
  • Quotes are recorded in a central repository so are visible to all relevant users and managers.
  • Quotes are issued in a consistent, branded format using standard clauses picked from a pre-approved list relevant to the organisation.
  • Individual charges from government agencies are able to be specified consistently on quotes.
  • Amounts on quotes are expressed in NZD – with provisos to indicate values may fluctuate with the exchange rate.
  • Quote total plus GST identified.
  • Origin, freight and destination charges identified.
  • Send quotes to clients by email directly from the application.
  • Track the quotes to follow up on what is outstanding.
  • Convert accepted quotes into Jobs, which may then be monitored for completion.
  •  Extract data from the client file, such as email address for a mailing list.
  • Determine the likely profit on each quote by comparing the cost of the services offered with the charges made to the client.
  • Integrate the request for tender (to shipping companies for example) related to each quote with emailed requests to relevant suppliers.

Please contact us for a demonstration of the software.