WorkflowMax is all about keeping track of jobs. It allows businesses to manage and report on job profitability and performance before the job is started, right through to completion. It covers an aspect of businesses that is essential but often not achieved – how much did the business make on each and every job performed. Without the detail at the job level, it’s near impossible to manage the performance of the business as a whole. WorkflowMax has it sorted!

Why WorkflowMax?

We like WorkflowMax for it’s ability to manage jobs for small to medium size businesses from many industries. It can be used in varying levels of complexity to get the desired solution for each customer. The tie-in of timesheet data to jobs and payroll mean that billable hours are not missed. The ability to add costs to jobs and even attribute Purchase Orders to jobs also means disbursements get billed to clients in a tightly controlled manner.

The reporting is clear, accurate and complete. Our favourite report is the Estimated Billings – this shows what is left on the table, yet to be billed to clients. By ensuring this report is cleared each month, customers have the confidence that all hours and disbursements have been on-charged.

WorkflowMax is a Xero company, thus integration to Xero is perfect.

What’s required?

A 30 minute discussion is all it takes to work out if WorkflowMax is the right product for you. If you need job management then WorkflowMax is likely to be a fit – it really does fit many scenarios. We work with our clients to scope out their needs, identifying any processes to be allowed for in the implementation. Custom layouts for invoices, purchase orders and other forms are identified and catered for.

How long to implement?

We can implement WorkflowMax very quickly – within a day. The big challenge is getting the client to move at the same pace. Implementation depends on getting the required information in a suitable form. Customer names and addresses, Supplier names and addresses, item names, codes and details are best provided in a spreadsheet form to allow for easy import into WorkflowMax.

Integration to Xero is easy for us as is the customisation of forms.

We work with our clients on ‘go-live’ day to ensure they know how to keep trading. Training occurs in advance of go-live and then supported with additional training on day one and beyond as required.

How much does it cost?

A typical implementation of WorkflowMax costs between $NZ1000 and $NZ1500. The variation in cost comes about through additional time required to get data into shape or for additional training and forms design. The software subscription costs are outlined on the WorkflowMax website. There is no up front purchase price for WorkflowMax. The only on going cost is the monthly subscription.

What support?

We support our clients free of charge for the first 30 days after their implementation. From there on we support based on our hourly rate.

Support is also available from the WorkflowMax help desk.

Who uses it?

We have clients in many business segments:

  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Engineers
  • Import/Export
  • Business Consulting
  • Surveyors
  • Kitchen Manufacturers
  • Truss designers
  • Painting Contractors
  • Heavy Machinery Movers
  • IT Infrastructure Company

Free Trial

As an WorkflowMax Business Partner we are able to set you up with a free 14 day trial of WorkflowMax to demonstrate how WorkflowMax can benefit your business.
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