Tips & Tricks

Here’s a few tricks we have picked up over the years to make the use of our Cloud based software even more productive.

Tip #1 – Use Google Chrome as your browser for all Cloud software.



Faster Login:

To speed up your log in to Xero, have your username load automatically. Copy this url to your Google Chrome browser and replace the generic email address with your email address used to log in to Xero.[email protected]

Bookmark the edited url as your link to Xero and then hit enter to log in. Your username should then appear in the Xero login field each time you go to this Bookmarked address.


View multiple pages:

View multiple pages of your organisation in Xero at the same time by using tabbed browsing (as long as you’re using Chrome and aren’t viewing multiple organisations at once).

There are three main ways to open a link in a new tab:

  1. Hold down Ctrl + Left Click on the link
  2. Right-click on a link and select Open a new Tab
  3. Ctrl + T to open a new tab


Inbuilt Calculator:

Xero supports these basic functions


Key Example
Add + 495.12+56.89
Subtract 112.33-16
Multiply * 49.95*1.15
Divide / 560/.33
Group ( ) (25.95*.75)+10


In transactions such as invoices, you can enter a basic arithmetic operation into the fields Quantity, Unit Price and Discount. Xero calculates the result when you press Enter or Tab.

Image showing calculation in invoice field