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Large format labels for warehouse pallet locations, batch identification labels for production environments, retail price tags from jewellery size through to larger swing tags.The labels draw their data from the underlying inventory management system and display them in the layout defined by the client. They may be generated for specific products or for products on purchase orders.

We can create custom labels from existing data sources, retail price labels, warehouse pallet location labels, and production job labels.

We are able to automate the process of creating labels. For example, one of our clients wanted an easy way to create barcode labels for their products. We gave them the ability to automatically generate these from a spreadsheet. Another client needed to print shipping labels for new orders. APICAL is able to create the labels from the order data and provide them in a format ready for printing.


Custom reports from Xero for businesses operating on weekly receivables periods rather than monthly. Statements expressed in weeks outstanding rather than months. Sales reports from Xero by product code, by customer group, by customer. Sales and inventory data from various sources combined on to one report.

Inventory reporting capturing data from Inventory management system and 3PL system providing a comparison of stock on hand. Reports made available to stakeholders via web portal to provide on-demand inventory reporting. Automated daily/weekly emailed reports to stakeholders.

APICAL can pull data from most cloud systems to produce custom reports. We have created reports for many purposes, including custom inventory reports, stock variation reports for comparing stock between the client’s inventory system and 3PL, even reports showing shipping container utilisation. These can be in the form of an emailed Excel spreadsheet or Word document (either run on a preset schedule, or triggered manually), or as a custom web page. We are also able to feed data into an external reporting system, such as Microsoft Power BI.


Our client has a Magento web store selling their products to customers in Australia and New Zealand. The web store is integrated to their Unleashed Inventory Management system. They use a 3rd party logistics company to pick, pack and dispatch their orders.
The handover of orders to the logistics company was via a spreadsheet once per day.

We created the integration they needed to the logistics company using APICAL.
Orders from the inventory management system get passed over to the logistics company automatically at 15 minute intervals.
This means orders are able to be dispatched earlier – as they come in. In addition, APICAL receives the shipment confirmations from the logistics company and passes the tracking information back to the Magento webstore to update the customer order and trigger the confirmation email to the customer. This helps empower the customer to manage their orders.


Our client wished to replace a clumsy excel based order listing with an automated loading process.

APICAL has been configured to check for new orders on the external system then load then into the client’s Unleashed system as they arise.

Customer details are loaded ahead of the orders if required.

Once orders are filled, APICAL retrieves the shipping confirmation data from Unleashed and passes it back to the external system to empower their customers with order tracking data.


We have created multiple links to and from Xero, including:

Case Study – Fasta Pasta
As a supplier of food products to a chain of stores, they needed to re-calibrate accounts receivable transactions into weekly accounting periods rather then the standard month or 30 day periods. Our application creates revamped statements showing aging by week, allowing Fasta Pasta to stay on top of the payment terms for each customer.

Orders and customers flow to Xero in real-time. Stock on hand is also kept in sync between the two systems.

Data file upload
Our client has a requirement to regularly upload invoices to Xero from a text file created by a third party system. APICAL is able to receive the file via web form upload, parse the data, and upload to Xero in the correct format.

Another client had a need to import thousands of historical transactions into Xero from a spreadsheet. We created the ability to process the file and push the data to Xero as invoices, payments, and bank transfers.


APICAL provides the platform for integration between the Zeald webstore and Cin7 inventory management. Sales Orders and customer details flow from Zeald to Cin7. Stock availability and pricing flows from Cin7 to Zeald.
New products created in Cin7 can also be automatically pushed to Zeald.