It’s always daunting when it comes to changing anything you do in your business, this is where it helps to talk to our team and work through what you trying to achieve. Sometimes sounding out your thoughts helps create more clarity in what you want to achieve for your business. Give it a go! The first step is simply giving us a call on +64 9 415 4242 

For the applications you choose to use, they will have their own vendor based pricing which will be something you agree with directly with the vendor under their month to month subscription.

Our pricing is dependent on time and material which is priced at an hourly rate. We like to enable our clients to have control of costs and this model suits our clients best.

API stands for Application Programming Interface (API). This enables you to integrate your business applications and allows the systems you work with to talk to each other with ease.

APICAL is our cloud integration service created to allow business applications to talk to each other. It’s for companies with a need to have data flow from one system to another inside their company or to a third party.

We use Microsoft Azure to host our APICAL Solution, which is not only secure but has redundancies in place.

No, we don't. This is simply because Xero is far superior than that of traditional MYOB. Xero has contemporary technology fit for purpose in today’s market.