Sharol Puran

Sharol Puran

Business Development & Creativity Evangelist 

Sharol comes from a Supply Chain and Inventory Solution Background, having helped hundreds of clients through working with cloud software solutions like Cin7, 3PL Software, Shipping Solutions and various inventory solutions.

“There is no such thing as a single solution, it’s about finding the right fit for businesses, although businesses have similar processes, they have their own uniqueness, and it is only by understanding the detail that you can find the right solution.”

Sharol is dedicated to finding answers to problems for clients, with a strong background in relationship management and over 7 years’ experience in cloud software, she has built up a wealth of knowledge in the space of supply chain solutions and Inventory management with a focus on finding the best outcomes for the clients that she works with. Work life balance is important to her and being able to switch off is an important element of her dedication that she carries in her professional life and personal life. Beyond Expectations lets her achieve this. Sharol loves to spend time with her family and tap into her inner child, where she can immerse herself in going on adventures, travelling and exploring with her 2-year-old!

Sharol has a passion for learning new things! Learning a new skill, new crafts, new schools of thought and exploring different interests. “Feed the mind” is her motto.