Sharon Bolderson

Sharon Bolderson

Software Guru and Trainer 

Sharon has been with Beyond Expectations for over four years and in her role she looks after our customers. In the early stages of an implementation she will be there to listen to your needs and find out how your business is unique.

Sharon gets involved in helping you prepare your data for loading it into the new system with her Excel wizardry, help train you and your staff, and support you in your ongoing journey in cloud software.

Understanding how your business and your team operates is essential to making an implementation a success. Sharon possesses the ability of being able to help you achieve this, spot issues before they happen and offer best practice solutions based on experience is what she loves about her job.

When she is not at work, you’ll find her spending time with her family, friends and pets, or gardening and maintaining her home. Sharon loves the challenge of a DIY project and we are very proud to know that she is a volunteer for Radio Lollipop at Starship Hospital. It is something she really enjoys, being able to give her spare time to help others.