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A quick chat to determine if Xero is the right accounting solution for your business. It is a perfect fit for most small to medium sized businesses. We work with our clients to scope out their needs and identify areas specific to their business that may differ from the standard settings

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We are very experienced Xero implementors. We can have you up and running within a day. You may have to move quickly to keep up with us!!

The ease of implementation depends on getting the required information in a suitable form. Customer and supplier names and addresses are best provided in a spreadsheet form to allow for easy import into Xero. Bank account information, logo and user names are all required to get a new system established. We work with our clients on ‘go-live’ day to ensure they know how to keep trading. Training can occur in advance of go-live and then supported with additional training on day one.

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Costs are dependent on a variety of factors. We work with you to ascertain the scope of work and provide you with a quote for you to accept.

The variation in cost comes about through additional time required to get data into shape or for additional training and forms design.

The software subscription costs are outlined on the Xero website.

There is no up front purchase price for Xero. The only on going cost is the monthly subscription.

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We are able to provide long term support for our clients with all things Xero. For this we simply charge an hourly rate.

Support is also available online through the Xero application and a great amount of helpful resources can be found on the  Xero website.

We also publish our own helpful Xero tips and tricks and send them to our regular subscribers.