Custom Integrations Photo by rawpixel from Burst


Most of the basic reporting needs are well handled by the software we support, but every now and again there will be a need for something a little different.

We have the skills to create most reports from the software itself, but when it takes a little more finesse to prepare the report, or to automate repeating reports, we can create integrations that run the reports for our clients.

These may be stock on hand reports being sent by email to clients on a regular basis, or comparative stock on hand reports between a 3PL system and inventory management system. We’re limited only by our imaginations and data availability.

We have the expertise in the underlying software to know what data is available and know how to put it together in report form.

Software Support / Photo by: Sarah Pflug


Our clients may engage us to write business case reports or business plans on their behalf.

It means an independent organisation is tasked with the creation of the formal document, based on the data provided by the client.

The result is a professional analysis of the matter under consideration.