Why Cin7?

Cin7 is a more comprehensive Inventory Management system than the other brand we support. It has a number of features that place it at a higher tier of capability.

It handles the additional complexity well, integrates to Xero and is still within the range of affordability for SME’s.

What’s required?

An initial scoping to determine the right level of inventory management software is followed by a more in depth scoping exercise.

Product serial number tracking, ingredient batch number tracking, built in Point of Sale, built in B2B website are all differentiating features of Cin7.

How long to implement?

We can implement Cin7 within a short timeframe, but our experience has shown that clients rarely keep up with our pace. There is a need for the client to embrace the implementation of a new inventory management system and apply specific people resources to it in order for the results to be successful. Without dedication from the client an implementation struggles. The best approach is to appoint a ‘Champion’ of the system. Someone in-house who becomes the expert and guides everyone else within the team.

Ease of implementation depends on getting the required information in a suitable form and on a timely basis. Customer names and addresses, Product Supplier names and addresses, product names, codes and details are best provided in a spreadsheet form to allow for easy import into Cin7. A stock take is required to provide a list of what items are held at the cut over date and their value.

Integration between Cin7 and Xero is easy for us.

Training can occur in advance of go-live and then supported with additional training on day one. We work with our clients on ‘go-live’ day to ensure they know how to keep trading.

How much does it cost?

A typical implementation of Cin7 costs between $NZ4000 and $NZ6000. The variation in cost comes about through additional time required to get data into shape or for additional training and forms design. The software subscription costs are outlined on the Cin7 website. There is no up front purchase price for the software. The only on going cost is the monthly subscription.

What support?

We are able to provide long term support for our clients based on our hourly rate. We are likely the most experienced Cin7 Partners – we’ve done more implementations and support more clients than anyone else. Our expertise is second to none.

Support is also available from the Cin7 application online.

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