Stocktaking for the End of the Financial Year

February 28, 2022 1 min read

Stocktaking for the End of the Financial Year

Join experts of eCommerce accountancy from Wise Advice Ltd, Beyond Expectations and A2X and get some tips to prepare for the End of the financial year. 

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We will take you through a journey that will: 

  • Keep your financial records accurate
  • Stocktake practice for the end of the financial year.
  • Accounting integration apps

Imagine uncovering leakages in your business that may identify issues of theft, data error and potential fraud. Filling these gaps could save a business alot of money. 

Considering the customer experience in today's climate, imagine the opportunity to truly meet the demands of customer needs by fulfilling their orders in a timely manner, where staff have visibility around what is physically available to sell and have the confidence to work with the data that they have infront of them. How much time could a business save just by getting their stock numbers right? 

By businesses allowing themselves to have independent checks in place to prove the numbers they are working with, this will certainly better position them to tell an accurate story to their accountants and help business owners understand how effectively they are operating and perhaps introduce improvements where needed. 

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