April 03, 2020 1 min read

For many businesses in New Zealand and Australia, trading conditions are far from normal at present. Many essential services are operating at maximum capacity to keep up with demand while others have had to shut down to comply with the LockDown rules. For those organizations using cloud-based software, working from home is an option, even when normal operations have ceased.

This could be a good time to do a little housekeeping on your system. We have some useful tips for Cin7 users that will help you tidy up your data and gain greater accuracy of your inventory figures. It may also clear some of the clutter that can build up in systems and allow you to understand some ‘best practice’ techniques for your software.

There is no shortage of learning something new with Cin7 and as you become familiar with the system you will become more comfortable with exploring other features and functions available within the system. These features may include Cin7 built-in B2B Portal, Cin7 built-in POS system. 

Cin7 Reconciliation Inventory Checklist

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