Weighbridge plus WorkflowMAX - More than one way to find a solution.

January 16, 2020 2 min read

Weighing Station

There is more than one way to use a system, especially when you know it well! Sometimes you might stumble on the varying ways quite easily and other times, it may require some thought and hours of tinkering to get the desired outcome. 

When a client came to Beyond Expectations with their problem, we got straight to work with our team to help this client find a solution that would not only be workable but would change the way they do things for the better, saving them hours of painful data entry.

This is where realised the true potential of WorkflowMAX as an invoice generator. It’s a great tool, allowing for the accumulation of transactions and the subsequent conversion of those transactions to invoices. 

Clients that operate a weighbridge facility where they charge their customers for weighing trucks and their loads often have to deal with many small transactions over the course of a month, culminating in the generation of monthly invoices. Imagine all that manual data entry….

Workflow as you may already know is simple and easy as an invoicing tool, but we took it a step further to pull all transactions together from the Weighbridge software and push them into WorkflowMAX.

After proving the concept with manual data entry in the first few months, we developed an integration between our client’s weighbridge software and WorkflowMAX to automate data entry.

This resulted in elimination of manual data entry and improved accuracy, speed and consistency of the weighbridge billing process. Not only solving the data entry problem but making it an effortless experience for all involved. 

Workflow Max Invoicing Software for Weighbridge Stations


If you have a similar problem in your business and need to find a quick and simple solution, we'd love to hear from you. Give us a call on +64 9 415 4242  or send us an email info@beyondexpectations.co.nz

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